Jeff's World
Exclusive Pre-release Screening & PARTY

Hosted by Adventure Minnesota Films

Thursday, May 18, 2017
7:00 PM
Lagoon Cinema and the Arc'teryx Minneapolis Store
Uptown, Minneapolis

Doors open at 6:30 PM
Film at 7:00 PM
Afterparty at  the Arc'teryx Minneapolis Store at 8:30 PM

Film • Q&A with film crew and athletes
FREE Beer + FREE pint glass for all attendees provided by our sponsor Lakes and Legends Brewery!
Music • Snacks • Raffles and Prizes

Tickets $20
+ online ticket fee

(Tickets available at the Arc'teryx Minneapolis Store with no additional processing fee.)

Private event for ticket holders only.

This will be the one and only screening of Jeff's World: The Movie this spring.
Limited seating! Get your tickets early!

If you are unable to attend the pre-release screening and party, we will miss you!
However, we look forward to seeing you winter of 2017 when we release the film to the public.
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Preview of raw footage from filming is below

Jeff's World: The Movie Rock Climbing Film

STARRING: Jeff Engel, Tyler Hoffart and Sean Foster
DIRECTED BY: Brenda Piekarski
1 Hour

Lost in a pristine wilderness of shimmering lakes, dense forest and blood-sucking insects is Jeff’s World, a hidden sport climbing destination accessible only by boat and ten miles beyond the Minnesota border into Canada. Only a lucky few have ever had the chance to visit the remote and secluded cliffs. Jeff's World: The Movie follows Jeff Engel, an accomplished route developer from Minnesota, and his friends as they explore, climb and develop this new and wild crag.

Jeff's World was first discovered over 15 years ago by Jeff's father, Gary Engel, while soaring overhead in his float plane near the family cabin. After spotting exposed granite cliffs, Gary flew home to relay the news to his son of his discovery. Jeff and his father mapped out the coordinates, boated to a potential trailhead and bushwhacked their way deep into the woods. What they found was to become the epic playground now known as Jeff's World.

With inexhaustible drive and a vision, Jeff headed into the remote wilderness alone to build trails, climb and develop a world-class crag. Over the years, friends began to arrive to test his routes and create climbs along side of him. Jeff's World: The Movie gives a unique look at the art of creating a line and developing a climbing area through the grit, humor and camaraderie of three route developers and their friends.

Today, Jeff's World is composed of three main areas. Secret Lake is a cliff line that follows a 50-acre lake, gorgeously streaked in orange and black hues with roofs that will blow your mind and shake every muscle in your body. Currently, Secret Lake has around 35 bolted climbs from 5.8 - 5.13a and is the most varied in range of all the areas. Swampwall is a vibrant and perfectly cut gem in the crown of Jeff's World, a peninsula of rock jutting out into a small lake and wrapped in a cloak of reflecting jack pines. The beauty of Swampwall will touch your soul. It will also thrill you as it is one of the premiere deep water soloing crags in the area. And last, but certainly not least, is Jeff's World Proper, an 80-foot overhanging ampitheater of gorgeous solid granite and some of the toughest climbs you will ever consider trying.

However, that's not all. There's rock to be climbed in nearby Voyageurs National Park (not bolted), boulders to be sent on nearly every lake shore and an entire other crag to visit a few miles away in Crane Lake, MN at M&M Hill.

Probably the most exciting aspect of Jeff's World is it's not finished. The area is still in development and will only continue to grow, improve and impress.

All areas and climbs are listed on Mountain Project. Getting there is half the adventure. Find a boat and your best hiking boots, break out a GPS and don't forget your climbing gear in the car. Visit Jeff's World and tell us how it goes!

Katie Gielen pulling hard at the crux on Conflict Resolution 5.11+, Jeff's World Proper. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
The gang heading to the boats for the morning approach. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Tyler Hoffart trying hard on Gargoyle 5.10+, Jeff's World Proper. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Sean Foster bolting Howlin' at the Moon 5.8, Swampwall. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Angie Jacobsen pulling hard at the crux on Conflict Resolution 5.11+, Jeff's World Proper. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Admiring Emerald Wall, a.k.a. Grassy Bay. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Laura DeShane bringing home the Phantom. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Monitoring the shots with Pixelbuzz Productions. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Our star of the show and well-known route developer in the state of MN, Jeff Engel. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Checking out Brown's Bay. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
The bartender at Nelson's Resort and route developer for Crane Lake, MN, a.k.a Sean Foster. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
Admiring the scenery from the top of Swampwall. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography
The Jeff's World talent and film crew. We owe it all to them! BEST. CREW. Ever... since the Arrowhead 135 film. Photo by Seth Iverson Photography