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We're able to make great films because of your generous support.
Thank you!
Your support of the Among the Wild film project illustrates your commitment
to active outdoor lifestyles and the beautiful state of Minnesota.

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Independent film projects rely heavily on public generosity and by contributing, you become both an ally to the arts in Minnesota and an advocate for outdoor adventure living. The financial support of our sponsors make this project possible. All contributions are tax-deductible through our fiscal agent, IFP Minnesota. Let us help you promote your brand!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we would love to hear from you! Along with demonstrating your commitment to outdoor adventure sports and Minnesota, you will be recognized through our website, social media, upcoming events, and in the film's credits. In addition to the many promotional benefits, you’ll have the unique opportunity to be part of an independent film experience!

Please contact Verónica Jaralambides at (612) 588-2572 or veronica@adventuremnfilms.com for more information.

Call us at (612) 588-2572 to learn more or donate now via PayPal.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to making sponsorship a rewarding and positive experience for you!

Sponsor Benefits At-A-Glance

Choose the benefits that are best for you! All sponsorships are customized to fit your needs. Please contact Brenda Piekarski at (612) 968-7482 to learn more.
Feature your brand at our next screening. Photo by Laura F. DeShane Photography
  • Logo in film's OPENING credits
  • Logo in film's closing credits
  • Text listing in film's closing credits
  • Product placement
  • Social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Advertising on this website
  • Advertising on film previews
  • Broadcast advertising as a program sponsor
  • Presence at events and film screenings
  • Verbal recognition at events and film screenings
  • Signage at events and film screenings
  • Program listing at events and film screenings
  • Participation in raffles and giveaways
Include your products in our raffle and prize giveaways – always a favorite with the crowd! Photo by Laura F. DeShane Photography
The sold-out World Premiere of The Arrowhead 135 film at Cowles Auditorium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo by Laura F. DeShane Photography

Why do we need sponsors?

How much does it cost to make a film?
Where will your money go?
How will it be used?

Those are all very good questions!

In general, an independent short film of professional quality can cost anywhere between $50,000-$300,000. Of course, it's very hard to quantify such things in today's world. General consumers can create films on their iPhone for very little and Hollywood can spend millions of dollars on blockbuster hits. Adventure Minnesota Films is dedicated to producing an exceptional and professional product, created by a team of professionals and using the latest high-end techonology. Our films are in the $50K-$300K range.

Your contribution will help pay for the following anticipated expenses and more:

  • Website design, development and maintenance
  • Research, script-writing, and all pre-production planning
  • All production costs, including equipment, labor, and travel
  • Filming permits and music licenses
  • Originally scored music by local Minnesotan musicians!
  • Editing and post-production costs
  • Sound design
  • Motion design
  • Color
  • Film festival and other submission fees
  • Distribution expenses
  • Operational business expenses


John Reamer

Other brands, businesses and organizations that have supported the Among the Wild film project through event sponsorships and donations:

Arc'teryx Minneapolis Store, Patagonia, Explore Minnesota Tourism, The Gear Junkie, John Reamer of Ameriprise Financial, Midwest Mountaineering, Thrive Adventures, Hardwater Sports, The Ski Hut, Sustainable Ely, Cold Avenger, Head-O-Lake Resort, Voyageur Outward Bound School, Rocksteady Running, Wild Adventure Race, AdventureHER, Bikram Yoga – St. Paul, Bravely Be, Ethnotekbags, The Hub Bike Shop, Key Log Rolling, Mandatory Gear, Minnesota Climbers Association (MCA), Minnesota Orienteering Club (MNOC), Minneapolis By Bike, Send in Maureen, Tracy’s Restaurant, Vertical Endeavors, Women’s Pathways to Health, Xelias Aerial Arts, Blue Yodel #9 and The Maybes.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to all the individual donors that supported us through our original Kickstarter campaign and the Among the Wild Fundraiser. This project is happening because of your generous contributions!
Adventure Film Night and sold out screening at the Lagoon Theater in Uptown, Minneapolis hosted in partnership with the Arc'teryx Minneapolis Store. Photo by Laura F. DeShane Photography
About Image
Adventure Film Night at the Lagoon Cinema in Uptown, MN. Photo by Laura F. DeShane Photography
About Image
Sold-out screening of The Arrowhead 135 at the Zinema Theater in Duluth, Minnesota. Photo by Laura F. DeShane Photography
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Always a good time at the raffle table. Photo by Laura F. DeShane Photography
About Image
Waiting for the lights to dim and the film to roll at the Zinema Theater, Duluth, Minnesota. Photo by Laura F. DeShane Photography