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NOVEMBER 7, 2019

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National Geographic correspondent and filmmaker J.J. Kelley


Lost in the WildStorytelling and Adventures with J.J. Kelley

1 hour

We are thrilled to host J.J. Kelley at our November 7 event as our featured guest!


Minnesota native J.J. Kelley is an award-winning filmmaker for National Geographic and host of the Travel Channel’s Lost in the Wild. Kelley’s body of work focuses on issues of conservation and wildlife crime around the globe. Join him for a night of adventurous storytelling starting from a small town north of the Twin Cities and extending out to the most remote locations on Earth!

Kelley will be sharing examples of his work beginning with his first foray into film as a young documentarian to his most recent works as host of the Travel Channel’s new series, Lost in the Wild


Three of Kelley’s documentaries have been featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine, including the Emmy-nominated Warlords of Ivory, and he is a producer and correspondent for National Geographic Channel’s flagship documentary series, EXPLORER


From being a director on the Bering Sea’s Deadliest Catch to leading the exclusive coverage of the tomb of Christ being opened for the first time in 800-years, Kelley’s countless expeditions and work for National Geographic all began when he decided—at age 19—to load his pickup truck up with camping gear and drive from the lower 48 up to Seward, Alaska.

Kelley’s work has appeared on National Geographic Channel, NOVA, Discovery Channels, New York Times, Outside, PBS and more.

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Ode to Minnesota 

by Adventure Minnesota Films


25 min

On August 6, 2018, Stephen Schreader and Eli Nord launched an epic 1,300-mile journey around the arrowhead region of Minnesota using primarily Minnesota-made gear. Their journey would take them from St. Paul to International Falls by bike, from International Falls to Grand Portage by canoe, and then down the entire length of the Superior Hiking Trail to Jay Cooke State Park, where they once again would find their bikes for the remaining journey home.

As with all great adventures, not everything goes as planned. Follow these two acquaintances as their friendship develops and they attempt to complete an epic homemade adventure with over 6 weeks of trekking and their two dogs in tow.

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Homecoming: A Boundary Waters Story

by Joe Fairbanks 

8:30 min

Homecoming began when Director Joe Fairbanks received a the J. Blaire Watson Award from Dartmouth College’s Department of Film and Media Studies. The Award is given to a qualifying film student at Dartmouth to assist in building a portfolio upon graduation.

In 2017, upon Joe’s graduation from Dartmouth, his father gave him a homemade wood canvas canoe. The original idea for Homecoming was to document Joe taking his father’s canoe on a maiden voyage into the watershed where he learned to paddle as a boy--the same waters that are endangered by proposed copper-sulfide mining today.

Plans changed when Joe was diagnosed with cancer in April 2018. Rather than embarking on the proposed 14-day canoe expedition through the Boundary Waters that July, filming took place in two windows: a 7-day trip between Joe’s radiation therapy and surgery in June 2018, and a 7-day trip after Joe had recovered from surgery in October 2018.


Bike Trip 

by Tom Schroeder 

10:30 min

Bike Trip is the third and final film in Tom Schroeder’s animated documentary series.  Two bikers travel 500 miles to ask a question about beer.

Minneapolis does not always ring the loudest of bells when the world’s animation hotspots are being discussed. But it is home to Tom Schroeder, who for nearly 20 years has been producing hand-drawn, animated films that have performed extremely well on the international festival circuit.


Relatively simple in style, utterly personal and (apparently) biographical in nature it introduces a filmmaker who brings a gentle, knowing eye to all his stories. Over the years, animation techniques have become more sophisticated and the stories far more complex, but Schroeder brings out that sense of a filmmaker with an empathetic eye and a real care for his characters that shines through in all his films.

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All films need to relate to outdoor adventure and have been completed in 2016 or later and should be under 30 minutes in length. Shorter films are encouraged!


We have two categories for submissions: 

AdventureMN – for films by Minnesota filmmakers or based in Minnesota
Midwest and Beyond – for all adventure films not related to Minnesota

NOTE: Overall, special consideration will be given to filmmakers and topics from the following states: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.


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